Bucket List

get a hair transplant

In November 2020 I decided to finally get a hair transplant after years of balding. It was a fantastic decison, although not without its difficulty. It took nearly 8 months for the hair to grow back nomal, months of being bald and scarred and continously maintance.

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complete a 24 hour gaming marathon

In November 2020 I decided to finally get a hair transplant after years of balding. It was a fantastic decison, although not without its difficulty. It took nearly 8 months for the hair to grow back nomal, months of being bald and scarred and continously maintance.

Watch Video

Trip hard on mushrooms
Attempt / Set a Guinness World Record
Attend a film’s midnight showing

Cosplay at Comic-Con

Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant
Attempt a fast-food crawl

This is a sort of made up thing simular to a pub crawl but with fast food resturants instead. You start in the morning, and work your way around different fast food chains ending with tea.

Protest something I feel passionate about
Attend a TED Talk Live
Climb to the Summit of a Mountain

On the 2nd of June 2023, I climbed Snowden!

Go on an impromptu road trip
Land’s End to John o’ Groats
Go Gliding
Go Bungy Jumping
Go on a mediation Retreat
Get a Tattoo
Write and Record my own song
Shave my head

Go to Glastonbury Festival
Watch the Superbowl Live

Watched the Super Bowl LVI on the 13th of February 2022. 

It was an interesting game and one that ended up being great as the underdogs (the Cincinnati Bengals) actually played a great game after it was assumed the LA Rams would run away with it. 

Generally speaking, I didn’t really enjoy American Football as a game. I’m not the biggest fan of team games in general, but I did appreciate the clear strategy of the game that isn’t immediately apparent to those new to the sport. 

I didn’t get the opportunity to watch the famous Super Bowl Ads (because I watched it on the BBC) but the halftime show was pretty cool. 

Wake up at 5 am every day for a month

This is part of my 12 month’s of 30 day challenges goal. 

publish my own book / eBook
explore an try Urban Exploring
Live a full year in a Foreign Country
Make £2000 a month passive income

Passive  income can be described as addtional income alongside your salary. Although I have acheived this at certain points in my life, I dedcided to try and take this ‘passive income’ and turn it into a business so theoretically , at present, it isn’t passive income but my job/business. 

Attend Wimbledon

Achieved 2021, went 01.07.2021. Was amazing. First-time tickets were available to the public through online sale. I also went to watch the London 2012 Olympic Tennis which was also held at Winbeldon.

Fly in a Helicopter

Achieved 2017 when I visited Las Vegas for the first time and flew in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. It was particully menrable as one of those other passangers fell asleep during the flight and missed all the amazing views.  

Swim with dolphins
Attend the Master’s Golf Tournament
Fly First Class (or airline equivalent)
Shoot a Gun
run a half marathon
become a wine somiller
attend a world cup final (football)
attend the olympic games

Achieved in London 2012. I went to Wimbledon to watch the tennis and managed to see some of the greats play on center court including Serena Williams, Andy Murray, and Rodger Federer.

I also went to the Paralympics and managed to see some athletics and also some archery. 

brew my own beer

I’ve successfully brewed two batches of beer to great success. 


Be in the crowd of a game show

With Media City, Salford just half an hour away from where I live I managed to book some tickets for BBC’s A Question of Sport.

go vegan for a month

I plan to do this as part of my 12 month’s of 30-day challenges.

learn to juggle

2 (in one hand), 3 and 4 ball juggling achieved + tricks

learn the rubiks cube

Achieved from memory, best time 45 seconds using F2L and OLL (PLL)

Sell a website for at least £50,000

I have sold online real estate in the past with my best sales price being around $8,000.

Sucessfully grow a beard

Something I can’t currently do, but hopefully can be achieved when I’m older.

watch all Studio Ghibli flims
get on the front page of reddit

/r/malefashionadvice, 2017


own a successful YouTube Channel

Scarbzscope, Angry Bird Tutorials. At its peak, it had over 2,000,000 million video views and 1,500 subscribers. I ended up selling it in my naivety for a small sum of money. 


stay in a famous 5 star hotel

Preferably Raffles (Singapore) or Plaza Hotel (Japan).

own a pet snake
listen and rank the top 50 albums of all time

Ongoing (list here)

Sleep under the stars

Achieved in Monument Valley, 2019


adopt a dog
fold the origami ancient dragon

Tutorial here

Celebrate Christmas Abroad

In a Foreign Country (the hotter the better). I’ve theoretically done this as a kid. I spend Christmas 1999 in Singapore.

Drink Guinness in Ireland

Achieved on the 28/01/2024

I finally got the chance to head of the Ireland with my girlfriend. I was very picky with where I decided to try my first Guiness and choose based on what I though was an authetnically Irish Pub. I ended up drinking it at The Dame Tavern.

So how was my first Guiness in Ireland? For me, it was hyped up quite a lot my friends who always insisted it was better in it’s home country. While there were many differences – manly how creamy it was – taste wise it was hard to distinish between UK and Irish Guiness. Overall I did prefer it though and had my fair share over there. The Guiness Storehouse was also amazing.

My First Guiness in Ireland

Ride a Mechanical Bull
Visit North Korea
Learn to pick a lock

Need more practice, but have successfully done it with a basic tool kit and practice lock.

Grow your own vegetables

I want to grow loofahs. Don’t ask why, but I do.

Milk a Cow

Again, don’t ask why I want to touch cow titties, but I think it could be an interesting experience?

Hire an Employee

Get to a stage in my business where I can successfully hire a full-time employee. 

Get a Birdie or better in a round of Golf
Own & Convert a Van

And Travel across Europe in it.

Get drunk on Absinthe

Never tried it before, but it won’t take long.

Learn Fishing & Catch a Fish
Go on a road trip across the USA

I traveled from LA to New York.

Gamble & get drunk in Las Vegas

Twice, once in 2017 and the other during my American tour in 2019. I lost every time. 

Try Expensive Wagu Beef

In Japan (at least $100)

Get top 3 in a speedrunning category

A gaming-related challenge. I have no idea which video game though. 

Learn to use Chopsticks

Took some time but after eating Japanese more, with my girlfriend Eleanor, I achieved it. Still not perfect but good enough.

Go on a pub crawl

Train Tour, Chester to Manchester

learn to love spice

I think I can say I’ve achieved this. I won’t say I love spice like some sort of fanatic who puts it on everything, but I do like a bit of spice now and then. Achieved sometime in the latter halve of 2023.

Make my own Terrarium
Stay in an Ice Hotel
Fold 1000 Paper Cranes

Considered Good luck in Japan.

Setup my own charity

Perhaps make Paw to Paw work in some form.

Mint and sell my own NFTS
Make my own cheese
Learn to speak a new language

Most likely French as I already have prior knowledge of the written language and a very basic vocabulary. 

Witness a shooting star

I have some poor-quality photos somewhere but can’t find them for the life of me. 

Learn Leathercraft

In 2022 I took a leathercraft course. It was only a day in which I made a travel or passport wallet from scratch. I know the basics, and how to do it, but haven’t been able to make anything new due to a lack of space and the cost of materials. That being said, I’m going to consider this done.

Be on TV

Hopefully for something good lol

Take a 4 season photo series

example here

successfully fly a drone

Bought a DJI Phantom in 2017. It was fun, but not a hobby I could sustain. Some footage on YouTube is available here.

Actively keep a diary for 10 years

Keep one since 2004. It’s not a daily thing, but something I write in every 2-3 months. 

get 3 strikes in a row (turkey)

In Bowling.

be in a newspaper

I was in a bunch when I was a kid (local news) for awards won, but I’m looking to do the same as an adult. 

go ghost huning in a spooky place

Sleep inside a ‘haunted’ prison and went ghost hunting in 2020.

Volunteer in a remote area
drive a car at 200 mph
be in a jury
be in a historical reenactment
visit / see an erupting volcano
learn a song on guitar
patent something (or own intellectual property)
climb zion's angle landing

climb zion’s angle landing


make money trading cryptocurrency
keep/own bees
visit a bunch of well known filming locations

Peep Show, Shaw of the Dead, Breaking Bad, Sex Education, etc…

Learn all pen spinning fundamentals

Thumb Around, Charge, Sonic, and Finger Pass 

Learn to whistle with your hands/teeth
Learn a song on the piano

Mad World

Learn Sign Language
bury your own time capsule

I’ve made it, stored it but not yet buried it. It’s currently sitting in my car boot. 

Go Whitewater Rafting
Go Ghost Hunting and on a Ghost Tour

Achieved at Shrewsbury Prison (2020) & In New Orleans (2019).

Try a Carolina Reaper
Start my own business

Achieved 2017. 

Find out your ancestry & get my DNA sequenced

Results from AncestryDNA on 19.09.21


Try expensive Caviar

The $80+ Caviar Petrossian Paris

Build a 6-tier card tower
Make a 100% ROI in one year of investing

Achieved in 2020 with an ROI of 153.97%

Collect 100 different packs of playing cards

My collection started in 2021 (currently at 70/100).

Try a 3-day fast

No eating (only drinking water) for 72 hours.

Go to a strip club
Learn and experience a Lucid dream

Achieved various years. Most recently was July 2022.

Go on a road trip across the USA

From LA to New York, 2019.

Setup my own charity
Make my own cheese
Volunteer at a dog’s home
get 3 strikes in a row (turkey)

In Bowling

become ambidextrous
collect all 151 pokemon tcg set
Collect Master 151 Pokemon TCG Set
Sell a domain name for profit

Managed to sell the domain name rezi.co.uk for a few thousand pounds. Held it for a few years then a broker got in touch with me, offered a price, and it sold!

Buy and own my own vintage car
Attend a live Snooker tournament