My DNA Story

Let’s take a look at how boring my DNA is…

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much from the results of my DNA when I first spat into a tube and sent it off to AcentryDNA. My parents warned me that, as far as they were aware, our genetic diversity, or lack off, is probably only rivaled by the likes of Alibaba (I joke). 

When I got my results it pretty much confirmed what my parents thought. My DNA is essentially boring. Where I live, regionally within England makes complete sense (65%) while we do a few decedents from both Scotland (17%) and Ireland (10%). Pretty bog-standard there.

The most unusual part of the results, was obviously, the 5% Norwegian. Looking at this isn’t within the last 300 years and most likely dates back even further. It’s by far the most interesting thing about the results. Finally, we have the 2% Welsh, which is sort of iconic as my Mother was born in Wales and I personally have much closer ties to the country than say Scotland or Ireland (never been to either).

DNA Story