Let’s sneak into my old university

I’ve yet to completely finish this item on my bucket list yet as I found it increasingly hard to actually catch when a lecture is going on. On the 29th of September 2021, I tried to complete the goal of sneaking into a lecture taking place in my old university building. I managed to get inside and spent around 2 hours waiting outside the lecture halls trying to gauge when a lecture might be going on. Unfortunately, for the entire time I was there no lecture ever took place and I ended up leaving.¬†

I did manage to write on one of these large chalkboards situated near the entrance¬† (with my business’s website address) and even went inside a lecture hall trying to find any information I could get on when a lecture might be taking place. Although I never completed the bucket list item I will try again in time and try and get some more information on when potential lectures are taking place. Having attended the university in 2011 It’s no surprise a lecture didn’t take place as I was only in about 8 hours per week – I assume not much has changed in that regard.